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BulMould Ltd. combines the best of engineering practice and know-how transfer from cooperation between German and Bulgarian companies. BulMould implemented the first international projects in 2015 with German companies in the automotive sector. The focus was not only on the successful completion of the project, but also on the creation of a new type of cooperation model. This takes German standards into account and transfers them to the new working environment. By developing and qualifying our own employees, the high demands in the development environment can be met on the one hand, and maximum work efficiency is guaranteed on the other.

The founders of BulMould have completed engineering education both in Bulgaria and in Germany. Her industrial experience in companies like VISTEON, Johnson Controls and BRABUS and scientific experiences at various universities in Bulgaria and Germany as well as her joint work and publications with companies like CD-Adapco, Mentor Graphics and Altair embody BulMould's spirit of discovery and the desire for continuous development in the field of engineering solutions, through well-trained specialists and the use of the latest software products and technologies

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