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1-st Project: Filter Cleaning System for bacteria, viruses (SARS CoV-2) and finest mechanical particles from the air.

  • Publications: Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, Bulgarian National Radio . COVID-19, SARS CoV-19
  • Destruction of bacteria, viruses and odors that pass through the system;
  • Captures dust particles of any size;
  • Optional: Possibility of saturation the air with active oxygen by additional ozone module;
  • Depending on the type A, B, C and D: Air Flow Rate from 1 to 60.000 m3/h;
    • Тhe strategic partner selection for the relevant market shall be defined.

2-nd Project: ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGIES and their Integration into Mobile Engineering Laboratory

3-th Project: Reducing the environmental impact and the use of fossil fuels of combustion engines with the help of AnStoTech INNOVATIVE EQUIPMENT



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Innovation Projects

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